Our Core Services

Our core service Digital Wallet with multiple currencies specially CRYPTO CURRENCIES and Cards Faciltiy

Secure Payment Service

We use advanced multilayer security protocol to secure users data and connectivity with blockchain

Real Time Money Tracking

VirtexPay provide real time money tracking and control to user. You can allow and block to your transactions

Low Cost and Fast transfer

VirtexPay provides maximum low fee for your crypto transactions and debit card spending for online shopping and Transactions.

Mobile Banking & Payment

VirtexPay provide Degital banking in multiple Currencies as well as many CRYPTO currencies as well.

Easy Spending

VirtexPay provides multiple easy and secure methods of spending your amount Globally.

Online Marketplace

VirtexPay allow you spend your money online marketplaces easyly and securly.

How IT Works

How Our Platform Works

Follow below steps to login or sign up. After login you will get your wallet ready initially and you can apply for your virtaul card instantly


Register / Login to our Platform

Sign up or Sign in to our app.

Enter your information details

After first sign up add you information details.

Start Using VirtexPay App

Virtex pay ensures the maximum user friendly interface for the user.